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Discover trends and patterns.

Understand your customers.

Gain insights and understand your smallholders. Identify problems and change effectively. Discover what works well and get to know who your best customers are.

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Get a complete picture of your smallholders.

Use scalable SMS surveys to build up a complete profile of your farmers. Use this information to personalise your interactions and drive success.

Smallholder farmer being asked question via SMS survey
Smallholder farmer receiving NPS survey via SMS

Measure your impact

Track your most important metrics.

Follow how many smallholders you are reaching, your engagement with them and their satisfaction with your service.

Connect insights to results

Eliminate the guesswork and understand what drives success.

Personalise your interactions and connect with the right audiences at the right time. Quickly identify which farmers are struggling, and find out why.

Report on smallholder management practice implementation

Where we operate

Our Farmer CRM offers the best bulk SMS services for organisations with farmers located in Kenya and Tanzania.

Interested in our agriculture CRM but your smallholders are located outside of Kenya & Tanzania? We’re always keen to expand our services into new geographies so, let’s chat.

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We’re proud of what our customers achieve
on our farmer CRM.

Producers Direct

Producers Direct achieves 600% increase in training success using our agriculture CRM.

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Real IPM

Our Farmer CRM helped Real IPM increase survey response rates by 500%.

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