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Track the impact you are delivering to your smallholders. Understand what you should
be prioritising next to elevate both organisational and farmer growth.

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Drive success with detailed reports

Insights make it easy to discover what's working and what needs more attention.
Track the key metrics impacting smallholder acquisition, retention and satisfaction. Explore
detailed reports to identify patterns and trends, making it easy to prioritise your work.

Real time delivery reports

Understand how many farmers you are actually reaching.

Delivery reports make identifying and removing old and invalid numbers quick and simple. Saving you unnecessary SMS costs, which your current provider likely charges you for! Furthermore, having a clean contacts list is the foundation for monitoring true reach and growing your audience.

Analytics on SMS delivery reports
Analytics on growth of smallholder farmers subscribing

Track your growth

Keep informed with real-time subscriber growth charts.

Monitor the success of your campaigns as they happen and respond to events in real time. Create a data driven culture and make decisions on your next move.

Improve your success

Understand what works and where you can drive further improvements.

Use powerful insights to measure whether you are hitting your core objectives. Don't settle for vague metrics on how many farmers you are reaching - go much further and track farm level impact.

Analytics showing number of smallholder farmers attending an event

Use Cases

Manage your smallholders

Keep all of your smallholder data in one place, secure and backed up automatically. Keep data reliable and up to date.

Track Sales

Track your sales performance, and understand how your sales and marketing efforts can be made more efficient.

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Helping you get results

We do more than just
bulk SMS.

From reaching new smallholder farmers, to delighting old ones, our
farmer CRM helps you and your smallholders grow better.

We'll be here to assist you every step of the way.

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