Reach smallholders using our all-in-one farmer CRM platform

Climate Edge gives your agribusiness all the tools you need to have exceptional direct communication with smallholder farmers.

Watch your relationships and farmer yield grow on our Climate Edge agriculture CRM software.

Smallholder farmer using Climate Edge CRM

Our farmer CRM is trusted by the world's largest agribusinesses & NGOs

Send Surveys & Understand your Smallholders needs on our Farmer CRM

Serving smallholders is hard.

We make it easy.

Whether you want to connect with your smallholders at scale, better understand their needs, or deliver exceptional agronomic products and services - we’ve got you covered.

Agricultural CRM data dashboard and analytics
User Metrics to Gain Insights & Track Growth - Farmer CRM
Bulk SMS agricultural campaigns for smallholder farmers


Reach new farmers and
spread the word

Build a direct digital connection with your smallholders using your unique Climate Edge code.

Share your code over the radio, print it on your product packaging or encourage smallholders to promote you through word of mouth.

Organise your Agribusiness and schedule your SMS farmer support. Deliver guidance at a time they need it most on our Agriculture CRM.


Manage smallholders
efficiently at scale

Coordinate key processes remotely with automated SMS communication.

Notify farmers of key events, coordinate your field team or even deliver agronomic training. All without leaving the office.

Climate Edge CRM showing scheduled SMS messaging to farmers.
Report on the farm size of smallholder farmers in agriculture.
Chart showing agricultural data collected by SMS using the Climate Edge CRM.


Get better results, faster

Access key information about your smallholders and their needs with detailed analytics.

Explore key metrics to understand your success, remove the guesswork and grow efficiently.


Bulk SMS

Reach remote smallholders using affordable and accessible SMS.

Find out more Smallholder farmer subscribing to soil test service via SMS


We’re proud of what our customers achieve
on our farmer CRM.

Producers Direct

Producers Direct achieves 600% increase in training success using our agriculture CRM.

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Real IPM

Our Farmer CRM helped Real IPM increase survey response rates by 500%.

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Where we operate

Our Farmer CRM offers the best bulk SMS services for organisations with farmers located in Kenya and Tanzania.

Interested in our agriculture CRM but your smallholders are located outside of Kenya & Tanzania? We’re always keen to expand our services into new geographies so, let’s chat.

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Why our Farmer CRM

Grow better, and faster.

Smallholder farmer receiving agricultural services through customer support.
Icon showing SMS services for smallholder farmers.


Build a direct connection.

Communicate with smallholder farmers globally in their language on any mobile device.

Icon showing data collection for smallholder CRM


Drive behavioural change.

Help smallholder farmers adapt new practices with timely, actionable content.

Icon showing data insights from African agriculture.


Continually improve your success.

Learn from your smallholder farmers at scale and track key metrics.

How our Farmer CRM works

Go global, stay local.

Support multiple countries, languages and needs

Translate your service to multiple local languages.
Make your service available in multiple countries.
Deliver content through voice, SMS and WhatsApp.

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Understand and evolve.

Measure impact by capturing feedback and insights

Analyse key metrics impacting user acquistion, retention and satisfaction.
Understand which practices are being adopting using surveys.
Build stronger relationships by providing customer support via SMS.

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Be there, even when you’re not.

Drive adoption by delivering timely, actionable information

Build conversational chat-bots with no technical expertise.
Trigger dynamic messages to deliver advice exactly when it’s needed.
Segment your users and deliver hyper-personalised content.

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Start building stronger relationships with your smallholders today

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