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Transform the way you communicate with smallholders. Build a direct
relationship with your farmers and have meaningful conversations.

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Effortless smallholder support

Connect instantly with each and every one of your smallholders. Move beyond hearsay
and gain a direct insight into what your smallholders want and need.

Communicate directly

If a smallholder is subscribed to your service they can ask you a question.

It is really that easy. All they need to do is send an SMS and it will magically appear in your inbox. No more relying on messy group chats or chains of field agents.

Directly communicate with smallholders
Having personal conversations

Personalise your conversation

Use farmer data to deliver tailored support.

See exactly who you are talking too and have richer, more interactive and more personal conversations with your farmers.

Track your performance

Understand how good your customer support is.

Instantly have an overview of how quickly you respond to customer queries and how happy smallholders are with the response.

Tracking support satisfaction

Use Cases

Product development

Understand what your smallholder’s most common problems are and proactively design your products or services with this knowledge in hand.

Customer support

Save time and lower costs by shifting customer support responsibilities away from costly face-to-face meetings and onto scalable and fast digital channels.


Provide bespoke extension services to your farmers based on their crop, location, farm size, budget and many more.

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Helping you get results

We do more than just
bulk SMS.

From reaching new smallholder farmers, to delighting old ones, our
farmer CRM helps you and your smallholders grow better.

We'll be here to assist you every step of the way.

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