To make an impact, reaching a farmer isn't enough.
We've curated a team of passionate developers, scientists, user-experience designers and field agents to help farmers adopt your expertise.

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How we can help.

By working with service providers all over the world, we have developed a deep expertise in understanding what makes services successful.

Our user-experience designers continually test and refine digital channels, to communicate insights, to maximise adoption rates and to create the most impact.

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Customer Stories

“Partnering with Climate Edge enables us to deliver a seamless, real-time experience to our farmers. Our soil test sales continue to grow and farmers are delighted to see their test results and recommendations through a simple SMS.”

Jeremy Cordingley, CropNuts CEO
Jeremy Cordingley CEO

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Our story

Climate Edge was founded in 2015 with a mission of connecting smallholder farmers to services they need to succeed.

We saw that farmers frequently struggled to uptake new practices because they lacked support when they needed it the most. Field agents simply cannot be present on every farm when key decisions are being made.

This is why we built our platform to amplify field teams - breaking through the bottleneck of face-to-face communication and enabling providers to deliver actionable information exactly when it is needed.

Together we can create a fairer and sustainable future for global agriculture.

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Meet the team

Paul Baranowski photo

Paul Baranowski

CEO & Co-Founder

James Alden photo

James Alden

CCO & Co-Founder

Gilles Cochez photo

Gilles Cochez

Development Manager

Brenda Awori photo

Brenda Awori

Sales Lead

Isabel Taylor photo

Isabel Taylor

Service Designer

Kriplesh Patwa photo

Kriplesh Patwa

AWS Engineer

Jan Ndungu photo

Jan Ndungu


Inigo Gomez photo

Inigo Gomez

UI Designer

Grace Farmer photo

Grace Farmer

Digital Marketing

Nick Richardson photo

Nick Richardson

Backend Developer

Our advisors

Peter Baker photo

Peter Baker

Scientific advisor

Paul Rous photo

Paul Rous

Investor director

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