Reach new smallholders and
spread the word

Your expertise deserves to utilised by the people who need it most.
Our sales and marketing tools can connect you with smallholders
all over the world.

Reaching smallholders can be difficult.

We make it easy

Grow your agribusiness and reach new farmers using our marketing and sales solutions. Increase your company’s presence amongst smallholders with Climate Edge.

Reach more smallholders

Over half a billion people in Sub-Saharan Africa own a mobile phone. Use it.

Drive brand awareness by leveraging accessible and affordable SMS campaigns. Ensure that smallholders understand the value you bring.

Smallholder farmers receiving agronomy advice via SMS
Metrics showing growing contact base of smallholder farmers

Build instant digital

Our marketing services ensure you’re reaching the right people to build your smallholder network.

Using your own unique Climate Edge code, smallholders can self-register to your services, organically growing your audience.

Understand your audience

Connecting with your audience is key to building successful relationships.

Our automated surveys give you the tools to get to know your smallholder farmers and understand their needs. Watch your relationships with smallholders flourish and success will follow.

Report showing insight on smallholder yields
Farmer receiving soil test advertisement via SMS

Reconnect at the right time

Work smarter, not harder.

Use our platform schedule regular check ins with your smallholder farmers and reconnect when they need your support. Engaged and informed farmers are more likely to take action, and promote your work for you via word of mouth.

We’re proud of what our customers achieve

Producers Direct

Producers Direct achieves 600% increase in training success

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Real IPM

Real IPM increases survey response rate by 500%

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